Friday, July 31, 2009

Love Thine Enemy

by Louise M. Gouge

Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical

The tropics of colonial Florida are far removed from America’s Revolution. Still, Rachel Folger’s loyalties remain with Boston’s patriots. Handsome plantation owner Frederick Moberly’s faithfulness to the Crown is as certain as his admiration for Rachel—but for the sake of harmony, he’ll keep his sympathies hidden. After all, the war is too far distant to truly touch them...isn’t it? A betrayal of Rachel’s trust divides the pair, leaving Frederick to question the true meaning of faith in God and in country. Inspired by Rachel to see life, liberty, and love through His eyes, Frederick must harness his faith and courage to claim the woman he loves before war tears them apart.

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Ann H. Gabhart

“Gabhart’s characters are written with depth in her latest historical.” - Romantic Times 4 Star Review

“..the book rings with researched authenticity..” – Publishers Weekly

Will a forbidden love destroy all they know?

Elizabeth Duncan has nowhere to turn. In charge of her younger brother and sister after their parents die, her options are limited: she can give in to the unwanted advances of an odious landowner – or she can flee. When Elizabeth hears the nearby Shaker community takes in orphans, she presents herself and her siblings at Harmony Hill. Despite the hard work and strange new beliefs, Elizabeth is relieved to have a roof overhead and food to eat. But life gets complicated when she finds herself attracted to a handsome young Believer named Ethan. Will Elizabeth be forced to leave the village to keep Ethan from stumbling?

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Living just thirty miles from a restored Shaker village in Kentucky, Ann H. Gabhart has walked the same paths that her characters might have walked in generations past. Gabhart is the author of several books, including the bestselling The Outsider, a finalist for Christian Fiction Book of 2009.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Painted Dresses
by Patricia Hickman

Gaylen Boatwright, a woman suffering a recent marital separation, has come back home to Boiling Waters, North Carolina to bury her father and move her troubled younger sister Delia into the family home. The relatives who gathered to bury the family patriarch have all left the home. Gaylen drives Delia to her dilapidated trailer to gather her belongings and move her back into their father’s now-empty house, the family homestead. The sisters are left to sort through and perform their father’s last wishes even though Delia is of little help to Gaylen who has been handed the mantle her father had carried, that of keeping Delia out of trouble.

This story is one that is full of many surprises and also many sources of inspiration. I met a young artist who would dip women’s dresses in paint and then arrange the painted dress on a canvas. When a woman allowed him to use her wedding dress I began to think about the story’s behind women’s dresses but how time and family secrets cover up those stories. From that sprang the story of two sisters on a perilous road trip delivering these mysterious painted dresses relative-to-relative. Painted Dresses has a deep spiritual subtext and is written for readers and book clubs who might like southern literary fiction or books by authors such as Barbara Kingsolver or Sue Monk Kidd. While southern lit provides a vehicle for dark themes, the sisters’ family problems create moments of levity and the funny things that happen in all of our families.
“Hickman gamely unpacks the lies families tell each other, the cost of family secrets to ourselves and others, the bonds between sisters and the walls between husbands and wives. Her sparkling talent is evident in this engrossing story.” (Publisher’s Weekly’ July 2008)
“With engaging characters—quirky, flawed, but endearing—a vivid sense of place, and a wonderfully droll, tell-it-like-it-is narrator in Gaylen Boatwright, Painted Dresses is the ideal book to lose yourself in on a rainy—or any—day. “
--NAEEM MURR, author of The Boy, The Genius of the Sea, and The Perfect Man.

All men whilst they are awake are in one common world: but each of them, when he is asleep, is in a world of his own.
Patricia Hickman is a humorist and a storyteller and speaks around the country on family issues and the craft of writing.

Deadly Intent
By Camy Tang


The Grant family’s exclusive Sonoma spa is a place for rest and relaxation—not murder! Then Naomi Grant finds her client Jessica Ortiz bleeding to death in her massage room, and everything falls apart. The salon’s reputation is at stake...and so is Naomi’s freedom when she discovers that she is one of the main suspects! Her only solace is found with the other suspect—Dr. Devon Knightley, the victim’s ex-husband. But Devon is hiding secrets of his own. When they come to light, where can Naomi turn...and whom can she trust?

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Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. She used to be a biologist, but now she is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads a worship team for Sunday service. She also runs the Story Sensei fiction critique service. On her blog, she gives away Christian novels every week, and she ponders frivolous things like dumb dogs (namely, hers), coffee-geek husbands (no resemblance to her own...), the writing journey, Asiana, and anything else that comes to mind. Visit her website at for a huge website contest going on right now, giving away fourteen boxes of books and 30 copies of her latest release, DEADLY INTENT.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hometown Courtship
by Diann Hunt

Steeple Hill Love Inspired

His matchmaking brother is sending another single gal Brad Sharp's way. Under the guise of community service! The Make a Home project-building houses for the needy-is Brad's life. He fully expects hair stylist Callie Easton to show up for "work" with a pink hammer and not even use it. Hardly a match for him!

With a heart of gold and a talent for transformation, Callie works hard. Still, Brad won't notice her. His grief over a tragic loss has hardened his heart. Well, Callie knows all about loss. And thanks to Brad, she knows even more about making a home-for them.

Hunt's warmhearted story demonstrates that sometimes following God means just staying where you are. ~4 STARS, RT Book Reviews

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"A taut, engrossing story about familial love and redemption." --Booklist

"A heart wrenching story, beautifully rendered." --Francine Rivers, bestselling author

"This book is a treasure, and not to be missed." --Angela Hunt, bestselling author
Abigail Bennett was completely in control of her life until tragedy pushed her to the brink of something she'd never experienced: obsession. Now, she's given up everything she's ever worked for to chase down the object of that obsession. His name is Tyler Kamp. As Abigail follows him across the border into Canada to a beautiful winery in British Columbia, her journey is awash in memories of family and childhood, especially those of her younger sister, Hailey. Dangerously beautiful yet indefinably needy, Hailey seemed to take all the risks Abigail avoided. Until now. But even as Abigail races into her future, her past continues to pull her back. Only when she is brought to the edge of her obsession will she be able to come to terms with the tragedy that ignited it.

A breathtaking story about the emotional risks of relationships, The Moment Between explores the cost of regret, the desire for revenge, and the redemptive power of forgiveness.

The Moment Between
By Nicole Baart

She left the world the same way that she had entered it: swathed in robes of scarlet so red and angry and portentous as to be mistaken for black.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Never the Bride
By Cheryl McKay & Rene Gutteridge

“Never the Bride teaches us all powerful lessons about God’s plan, control,
and the peace that comes with surrender.”
—JIM STOVALL, author of The Ultimate Gift

“It’s time to surrender the pen….”

Second Chance Family
Love Inspired July 2009
By Margaret Daley

“Daley delivers an insightful look at the problems of autism—and how God’s plans are always the best ones.” –RT magazine reviewer, Susan Mobley

Dedicated teacher assistance Whitney Maxwell gave up her dream of a family years ago. But she’s about to get a lesson in faith and family from an unexpected source—a brave little boy named Jason. Jason and his dad are dealing with his autism the best they can, but Dr. Shane McCoy can’t put his tragic past behind him. As Whitney and Shane work together to help his son, could these two lost souls open their hearts to love again and become a lasting family?

Margaret Daley is an award winning, multi-published author in the romance genre. One of her romantic suspense books, Hearts on the Line, won the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year Contest. Recently she has won the Holt Medallion, Golden Quill Contest, FHL’s Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest, Winter Rose Contest, and the Barclay Gold Contest. She wrote for various secular publishers before the Lord led her to the Christian romance market. She currently writes inspirational romance and romantic suspense books for the Steeple Hill Love Inspired lines. She has sold sixty-five books to date.

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