Friday, June 26, 2009

Murder in House
By Veronica Heley

After her first husband’s death, Ellie Quicke discovered that she was stronger than she’d thought. By networking in the community, she’d even solved some neighbourhood crimes. Now married to the Reverend Thomas – her best friend as well as her dear love – she was finding marriage second time round deeply satisfying, but this didn’t mean she knew all the answers, especially where murder was concerned. --the tenth of the “Ellie Quicke Mysteries.”

Ellie and her new husband are suffering from terrible colds when called to deal with Ursula, a student who has staged a sit-in at church and refuses to move. Ursula challenges Ellie to solve three mysteries; a broken engagement, her friend Mia’s disappearance and a murder. When Ellie agrees to return Ursula’s engagement ring to her fiancĂ©, she begins to suspect that there is more to Mia’s disappearance and the ‘accidental’ death of another friend than their families and the police are willing to admit. As Ellie attempts to solve the mysteries, she finds her friends and family targeted, as a powerful group hunt her down.

Veronica Heley

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Scent of Murder
by Virginia Smith

Scent of Murder is the third and final installment in Virginia Smith’s Classical Trio Series. This time the trio is scheduled to play their last wedding at an artist colony in the Blue Hills of Indiana. Caitlin, who is reeling from being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, has sworn off men for a full year to give herself time to heal. But that’s before she meets Chase Hollister, the handsome owner of a scented candle factory. Before she knows it, she and Chase are caught up in a haunting crime from his past – and pursued by a deadly killer in the present.

“Plenty of action and suspense, a fine mystery and the knowledge that the love of God is for everyone, no matter what they've done.” – Romantic Times, 4 ½ Star Review

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Friday, June 19, 2009

By Lisa Bergren

"Breathe riveted me with its fascinating peek into Colorado Springs history and well-drawn characters I quickly grew to love. I couldn't put it down! Bergren is one of my favorite authors." -Colleen Coble

"Breathe is a sweet and sensitive tale of faith, love and devilry on a raw frontier just coming into its own." -Kristen Heitzmann

Colorado, 1883

A publishing heiress is on the brink of life.and death. Her beautiful, younger sister is called to the forbidden stage. Her brother, troubled guardian, is raging inside. A veiled treasure map leads to a hidden silver mine. A threatening villain hovers in the shadows. And a hero is bent on saving his bride. Just breathe.

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How Do I Love Thee?

by Nancy Moser

Come witness the romance of all romances . . . Elizabeth Barrett is a published poet-and a virtual prisoner to her weak health and a tyrannical father who forbids any of his children to marry. She has resigned herself to simply existing. That is, until the letter arrives... "I love your verses with all my heart," writes Robert Browning, an admiring fellow poet. And as friendly correspondence gives way to something more, Elizabeth discovers that Robert's love is not for her words alone. Could it be that God might grant her more than mere existence? And can she risk defying her father in pursuit of true happiness? Included in the back of the book are the complete Sonnets from the Portuguese that included her famous poem: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Romantic Times 4-star review: "This peek inside the private life of secluded poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a delight. The journey her heart takes to go against all she knows and embrace the unknown is suspenseful, sad, and very interesting."

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Friday, June 12, 2009

In a Flickering Light

Jane Kirkpatrick

In A Flickering Light, (WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, A division of Random House), Jane Kirkpatrick draws a page from her grandmother's photo album to capture the interplay between temptation and faith that marks a woman's pursuit of her dreams in her fifteenth novel. Jessie Gaebele was a photographer's assistant in 1907 in Winona, Minnesota in this first book of the Portrait of a Heart series. Publisher's Weekly, in a starred review, called the novel ".exceptionally authentic" with ".exquisite nuance.aching and hopeful." The story is told over three years through the eyes of Jessie, her employer, F.J. Bauer; and his wife, Mrs. Bauer. Five actual glass plate photographs are reproduced in the novel with Jessie as the first person narrator of her story behind each photograph. The first is what Jessie calls "The Subject" and it begins the novel.

Jane Kirkpatrick, author of A Flickering Light (WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group), Book one of A Portrait of a Heart series, is available now at;;;;; and fine bookstores everywhere.

The Vanishing Sculptor
By Donita K Paul

Tipper is a young emerlindian who's responsible for the upkeep of her family's estate during her sculptor father's absence. Tipper soon discovers that her actions have unbalanced the whole foundation of her world, and she must act quickly to undo the calamitous threat. But how can she save her father and her world on her own?

The task is too huge for one person, so she gathers the help of some unlikely companions--including the nearly five-foot tall parrot Beccaroon--and eventually witnesses the loving care and miraculous resources of Wulder. Through Tipper's breathtaking story, readers will discover the beauty of knowing and serving God.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Witness to Murder
By Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Publisher: Steeple Hill
Release Date: June 2009
ISBN: 9780373443451

Poised for an interview, TV reporter Hallie Berglund walks into a murder scene instead. The victim’s boyfriend stands over the body, murder weapon in hand. Hallie couldn’t stop the crime, but as the star witness, she’ll see the man brought to justice . . . right? Not according to her colleague Brody Jordan, who is convinced the police—and Hallie—are targeting the wrong man. To prove it, he’ll need Hallie’s help. The victim was wearing a bracelet handcrafted by Hallie’s long-dead mother. Now Hallie is the only one who can unearth the secrets of the past—and bring the sinister truth to light.


Jill Elizabeth Nelson is an award-winning author of mystery and suspense. She writes what she likes to read—tales of adventure seasoned with romance, humor, and faith, earning her the tagline: Endless Adventure, Timeless Truth. Jill speaks at conferences, writer’s groups, library associations, and civic and church groups. She and her husband live in rural Minnesota where they raised four children and are currently enjoying their first grandchild.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Beyond Corista
by Robert Elmer

Book three in the “Shadowside” sci-fi/fantasy trilogy for YA (young teen) readers
Oriannon and her friends Margus and Wist hurtle through space on a dangerous mission, guided by the pilot stone. Their enemy, Sola, is on board as well, and Oriannon soon begins to regret rescuing the blind woman from battle. As the odd crew flies from way station to way station, Oriannon delivers the warning that she received from her mentor, Jesmet—the Troikans are coming to destroy Corista! At each location, Oriannon is met with disbelief, and soon even she begins to wonder if the threat is real.
Are her visits from Jesmet only a hallucination? Oriannon must find the answer—and the faith—to race toward a destination only she can see.

Designed to challenge young readers to re-examine their own faith, the allegorical setting of Beyond Corista puts a compelling extraterrestrial twist on the second chapter of Acts, particularly the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul and his friends. What if the Creator of the universe visited another planet?

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Cheryl Wyatt

A Soldier's Reunion

Cheryl Wyatt


Book Info:

A Soldier’s Reunion by Cheryl Wyatt-Wings of Refuge Series

June 1, 2009-Steeple Hill Love Inspired

·         ISBN-10: 0373875320

·         ISBN-13: 978-0373875320

Back cover blurb:

Despite a decade apart, this isn't the reunion Mandy Manchester expected! She thought she'd put high school sweetheart Nolan Briggs behind her. Now he's back…and the pararescue jumper literally sweeps her off her feet. He's ready and willing to rekindle what they once shared. Mandy, though, isn't prepared to put her heart at risk. He left her before—she won't trust him again. Can Nolan teach this grounded girl to take a leap of faith?


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Born Valentine’s Day on a naval base, Cheryl Wyatt writes military romance. Her Steeple Hill debuts earned RT Top Picks plus #1 and #4 on eHarlequin's Top 10 Most-Blogged-About-Books, lists including NYT Bestsellers.

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