Friday, June 05, 2009

Beyond Corista
by Robert Elmer

Book three in the “Shadowside” sci-fi/fantasy trilogy for YA (young teen) readers
Oriannon and her friends Margus and Wist hurtle through space on a dangerous mission, guided by the pilot stone. Their enemy, Sola, is on board as well, and Oriannon soon begins to regret rescuing the blind woman from battle. As the odd crew flies from way station to way station, Oriannon delivers the warning that she received from her mentor, Jesmet—the Troikans are coming to destroy Corista! At each location, Oriannon is met with disbelief, and soon even she begins to wonder if the threat is real.
Are her visits from Jesmet only a hallucination? Oriannon must find the answer—and the faith—to race toward a destination only she can see.

Designed to challenge young readers to re-examine their own faith, the allegorical setting of Beyond Corista puts a compelling extraterrestrial twist on the second chapter of Acts, particularly the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul and his friends. What if the Creator of the universe visited another planet?

Available at your local Christian bookstore, wherever good books are sold, or online at Just paste this link into your browser if it doesn’t take you there immediately:

Also please be sure to visit Robert’s website to learn more about the trilogy. You’ll want to read book one (Trion Rising) and two (The Owling) as well. And finally, please do not reproduce without permission, but that goes without saying. Enjoy!

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