Friday, June 19, 2009

By Lisa Bergren

"Breathe riveted me with its fascinating peek into Colorado Springs history and well-drawn characters I quickly grew to love. I couldn't put it down! Bergren is one of my favorite authors." -Colleen Coble

"Breathe is a sweet and sensitive tale of faith, love and devilry on a raw frontier just coming into its own." -Kristen Heitzmann

Colorado, 1883

A publishing heiress is on the brink of life.and death. Her beautiful, younger sister is called to the forbidden stage. Her brother, troubled guardian, is raging inside. A veiled treasure map leads to a hidden silver mine. A threatening villain hovers in the shadows. And a hero is bent on saving his bride. Just breathe.

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How Do I Love Thee?

by Nancy Moser

Come witness the romance of all romances . . . Elizabeth Barrett is a published poet-and a virtual prisoner to her weak health and a tyrannical father who forbids any of his children to marry. She has resigned herself to simply existing. That is, until the letter arrives... "I love your verses with all my heart," writes Robert Browning, an admiring fellow poet. And as friendly correspondence gives way to something more, Elizabeth discovers that Robert's love is not for her words alone. Could it be that God might grant her more than mere existence? And can she risk defying her father in pursuit of true happiness? Included in the back of the book are the complete Sonnets from the Portuguese that included her famous poem: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Romantic Times 4-star review: "This peek inside the private life of secluded poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a delight. The journey her heart takes to go against all she knows and embrace the unknown is suspenseful, sad, and very interesting."

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Koala Bear Writer said...

I have really got to check out Nancy Moser's works. EBB's love story is one of the neatest in English literature. I must admit I prefer her husband's poetry to hers, but I'd love to see what an author does with their story. :)