Friday, June 26, 2009

Murder in House
By Veronica Heley

After her first husband’s death, Ellie Quicke discovered that she was stronger than she’d thought. By networking in the community, she’d even solved some neighbourhood crimes. Now married to the Reverend Thomas – her best friend as well as her dear love – she was finding marriage second time round deeply satisfying, but this didn’t mean she knew all the answers, especially where murder was concerned. --the tenth of the “Ellie Quicke Mysteries.”

Ellie and her new husband are suffering from terrible colds when called to deal with Ursula, a student who has staged a sit-in at church and refuses to move. Ursula challenges Ellie to solve three mysteries; a broken engagement, her friend Mia’s disappearance and a murder. When Ellie agrees to return Ursula’s engagement ring to her fiancé, she begins to suspect that there is more to Mia’s disappearance and the ‘accidental’ death of another friend than their families and the police are willing to admit. As Ellie attempts to solve the mysteries, she finds her friends and family targeted, as a powerful group hunt her down.

Veronica Heley

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Scent of Murder
by Virginia Smith

Scent of Murder is the third and final installment in Virginia Smith’s Classical Trio Series. This time the trio is scheduled to play their last wedding at an artist colony in the Blue Hills of Indiana. Caitlin, who is reeling from being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, has sworn off men for a full year to give herself time to heal. But that’s before she meets Chase Hollister, the handsome owner of a scented candle factory. Before she knows it, she and Chase are caught up in a haunting crime from his past – and pursued by a deadly killer in the present.

“Plenty of action and suspense, a fine mystery and the knowledge that the love of God is for everyone, no matter what they've done.” – Romantic Times, 4 ½ Star Review

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