Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Confessions of a non-blogger

I have resisted blogging, though I’ve done a wee bit. This concept of spreading the good news of other author’s books has finally roped me in and tied me down. (Did my years in Texas just slip through?)

So three of the things that will pop up on this site are FIRST.

At the FIRST of every month it will be time for the FIRST Blog Tour! The FIRST day of every month we will feature an author and his/her latest book's FIRST chapter! That’s FIRST, as in:






And mentioning FIRST first, just seemed a natural thing to do.

Another literary dip will be into CAW. That’s Chapter A Week. You get about a thousand word blurb from a book on the bookstore shelves. Enough of a taste to know whether you must rush out and get it.

And the last literary diversity will be II. That is not the Roman Numeral. Well, yes it is, but it’s not meant to stand for two. It is I and another I and it is Incredible Interviews. This will be interviews of authors, of course.

In between there three staples, a few musings on things might show up from me. But, I’m not promising. I’m supposed to be writing a book.

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