Friday, September 26, 2008

CAW! CAW! Chapter a Week

A Culdee Creek Christmas
By Kathleen Morgan

DEEP AMID THE WINTER SNOW, TWO LIVES ARE WAITING FOR REBIRTH. Both have been scarred by loss and misunderstanding. Both are yearning for a fresh start. As Christmas approaches, can these two hearts find the strength to forgive and the grace to heal? Or will they allow circumstances to send them along different paths?
One Perfect Gift is the heartwarming and tender story you will cherish this Christmas.

It's November 1933 when Jessica Ashmore steps off the train from Baltimore onto the high plains east of Colorado Springs, Colorado with her six-year-old daughter, Emma. Though hungry and penniless, Jessie finds solace in the fact that a nursing job awaits her in this remote outpost. But even the best-laid plans frequently have a way of falling apart.

Longings of the Heart
by Bonnie Leon
Revell Publishers

Will hidden secrets destroy the love they've built?
John and Hannah have survived betrayal and imprisonment.
Now Hannah reaches for a new beginning.
But will secrets from her past destroy the present?
John Bradshaw trusts in a new life. Instead, he discovers deception.
One evil heart lies waiting to tear their lives apart. Will evil triumph?
Or will their longing hearts find joy?
Don't miss this heartrending second book in the Sidney Cove series!
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