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Caw! Caw!

Born to parents who died shortly after her birth, twenty-year-old genius Sarah Sims has been hidden all her life in a secure CIA facility. Yet her days of anonymity are limited because her aunt has discovered her existence and is determined to lead Sarah out of exile. But before she can leave the only world she's ever known, Sarah needs what most people take for granted . . . a functioning face and the skills to use it. Will she remain in her secluded fortress or summon the courage to follow her heart?

The Face Angela Hunt. Mira, $6.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-7783-2727-1
Compelling characterization is the driving force behind this enthralling story of hope . . . Hunt (The Elevator) fuels the completely engrossing story with dual present-tense narration by the two women. Readers are drawn into their lives, sharing their joy and fear as they approach a fulfilling and surprising climax. A touch of suspense adds to the powerful themes of second chances and new beginnings. (Nov.) --Publishers Weekly

Texas Legacy Trilogy
DiAnn Mills
Three women of Kahlerville, Texas, battled Old West dangers and personal wars that threaten those they love˜as well as their own lives.
Leather and Lace Casey O'Hare walks away from living with an outlaw gang and straight into the arms of a lawyer turned avenger. Who can she trust when all she has been taught is to fear?
Lanterns and Lace Jenny Martin is determined to find her motherless niece, but a web of intrigue surrounds the child. Who should Jenny listen to when a murderer lurks?

Lightning and Lace Bonnie KJahler, a widowed mother of three, is drowning in her grief until a disarming preacher comes to town. When her son is accused of crimes, will Bonnie listen to the right advice? Christy Award Nominee 2008.

Kahlerville, Texas 1898

DiAnn Mills

Expect an Adventure

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