Friday, February 06, 2009

The Red Siren
By M.L. Tyndall
(Barbour Publishing, January 2009)

Worlds collide when a pirate lady meets a godly naval captain.

Faith Westcott abandoned her shallow faith when a series of tragedies struck her family. To save herself and her sisters from forced marriages, this fiery, born-to-the-manor redhead is a lady by day and a pirate by night. How long can she maintain this dual identity before she's caught red-handed? God-fearing Dajon Waite, who scours the Carolina coast, expunging it of pirates, is a more-than-capable captain in the British Royal Navy. But when he is asked to take on the guardianship of Faith and her sisters, he's headed for deep water. Will Faith regain her trust in God only to find herself headed for the gallows? Will Dajon scuttle his good name-and neck-to save her?

Romantic Times 4 Stars!
Tyndall deftly balances perilous high-seas adventure with a satisfying romance. Her feisty, devil-may-care heroine fights for what she wants and is a character readers will root for. A great start to what looks to be a fun series.

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By Virginia Smith

Desperate to stay home with her baby, Allie Harrod launches a new career. True, she has no sales experience, but selling makeup can't be that hard. right?

FOUR STARS! "In the second book in the Sister to Sister series, Smith taps into every mother's heart. Readers will see themselves in Allie as she struggles to be a superwoman. It's evident that God's plan is not always our plan, but if we trust Him, everything works itself out."
-- Romantic Times

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