Friday, October 02, 2009

Guardian of the Flame
A Seven Wonders Novel by T.L. Higley

In a city ravaged by the clash of cultures
One woman fights for solitude
Will a Roman solider destroy her peace?

Alexandria, 48 BC. Sophia has spent nearly twenty years as the keeper of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, alone in her task and in her heart. But when the wealthy capital of Egypt is invaded by Julius Caesar and his Roman legion, Sophia’s peace is shattered and her lighthouse invaded. The Roman general would steal both her county and its queen, the Greek Cleopatra, and when his military strategy endangers the city’s best scholars and their secret invention, Sophia must discover a way to protect the men. But as the historic war erupts, tangling Sophia in its chaos, she finds that the Roman centurion instructed to invade her lighthouse is also invading her heart.

Now Sophia must do whatever it takes to keep him out – even if it costs her everything.

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Who Do I Talk To?
Neta Jackson

In the last place she ever imagined she'd be, Gabby will discover what she's made of--and for.

At the end of "Where Do I Go?" (the first book in the Yada Yada House of Hope series), Gabby Fairbanks found herself thrown out of their luxury penthouse by her husband, who's disappeared with their boys, and the only place she had to go was the homeless shelter where she worked--but where she also discovered that God IS where she can go when her world fell apart.

Now in Book 2 of the series ("Who Do I Talk To?"), Gabby tries to put together the broken pieces of her life and get her sons back. But as her fragile plans fall apart and she experiences even more loss, Gabby heads cross-country with a casket, a Hero Dog, a homeless bag lady, and her new friend Jodi Baxter . . . and together they hit on a possibility so wild and wonderful it has to be one of those "God things." If only she can quit getting in the way . . .

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