Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mainely Mysteries
By Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis

This is a three-in-one anthology of cozy mysteries written by a mother and daughter team. The first two books were previously published as single titles, but the third book in the volume, Impostors at Blue Heron Lake, has never before been in print. Enjoy an excerpt from this quirky, fun mystery set in Northern Maine. Each of the three tales features reporter Emily Gray and Nate Holman, who owns the town's marina but later becomes a sheriff's deputy, solving murders in their tiny town on the shore of fictional Blue Heron Lake. And now, a morsel from Impostors at Blue Heron Lake:

Author Bios:
Susan Page Davis is a Maine native and still lives there with her husband Jim and two younger children. Susan is the author of 25 novels in the mystery, suspense, historical romance, and fantasy genres. Jim recently retired from his job as a news editor and now does freelance editing. They are the parents of six children (all home schooled) and six grandchildren (all adorable). Be sure to visit Susan's Web site at: She holds a monthly drawing where the winners get to choose their free books. Megan now lives in England as Mrs. John-Mark Cullen. She happily writes and makes handcrafted animals there.

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Soaring Eagle
by Stephanie Grace Whitson

When LisBeth King's world is shattered by violence and death, her heart finds little comfort in the Christian faith she was raised in. As part of a military family, Jim Callaway's dream of service becomes a nightmare when he is forced to take part in a massacre. And then there is Soaring Eagle, the angry Sioux warrior whose way of life is being destroyed. An ECPA best seller, Soaring Eagle unites the stories of these three very different people as they try to find their way to "the peace that passes all understanding.

Originally published by Thomas Nelson Publishers,
now back in print as An Authors Guild Edition
Published by iUniverse, Inc.

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