Saturday, July 26, 2008

II, or Incredible Interview - Sandra Byrd

Let Them Eat Cake
By Sandra Byrd

Chick-lit never tasted so good! LET THEM EAT CAKE is one of those rare chick-lit novels that integrates faith elements without being preachy, and includes plenty of romance without it being the only point of the protagonist's existence. Five star review,

Book Summary :
Lexi Stuart is at a critical crossroads. She's done with college but still living at home, ready to launch a career but unable to find a job, and solidly stalled between boyfriends. When a lighthearted conversation in French with the manager of her favorite bakery turns into a job offer, Lexi accepts. But the actual glamour is minimal: the pay is less than generous, her co-workers are skeptical, her bank account remains vertically-challenged, and her parents are perpetually disappointed. Her only comfort comes from the flirtatious baker she has her eye-but even may not be who he seems to be! So when a handsome young executive dashes into the bakery to pick up his high profile company's special order for an important meeting-an order Lexi has flubbed- she loses her compulsion to please. "What am I going to do?" he shouts. "Let them eat cake!" she fires back with equal passion and a nod to Marie Antoinette. And then, something inside Lexi clicks. Laissez la révolution commencer! Let the revolution begin! Instead of trying to fulfill everyone else's expectations for her life, Lexi embarks on an adventure in trusting God with her future-très bon!

Let Them Eat Cake was a Christy Award finalist for 2008

Welcome to incredible interviews, Sandra.

Tell us, did you marry country boy or city boy?
Country boy.

Now, why did you do that?
He accepted my dare to eat escargot. He also had other endearing qualities which have remained, though he hasn't eaten escargot since.

Where to do you and your two children live?
My husband, teenagers and I live near Seattle, Washington.

How many books do you have under your belt or on your bookshelves? I mean of course, what you have written.
I usually have one under my belt, too, as I'm always reading. I've published three dozen or so books, though.

And what's the latest?
A new series, French Twist, which includes Let Them Eat Cake (2007) and Bon Appétit (September, 2008). It's full of pastry and fun and issues for women of all ages. Not "merely" chick lit.
Ah, those are chick-lit and beyond, huh? I love chick-lit. But you've written other stuff, right?
Most of my other books are for the Young Adult market, and I've published a book for new moms, Heartbeats. I plan to continue to write for both teens and adults.
And pieces besides books?
I've enjoyed writing shorter works that have appeared in periodical markets such as Relevant, Clubhouse Magazine, Pockets, Decision, and Guideposts.

I've heard you've been spreading secrets.
What?! Oh, you mean that for the past seven years I've shared my secrets with the many students I mentor through the Christian Writer's Guild. Very funny, Donita. For a minute, you had me wondering about your sanity. I've also authored a series called Secret Sisters, so there is that...

Two more questions. What did you do before turning to full-time writing?
I was an acquisitions editor in the ABA market.

And tell us about your first submission.
My first submission - and rejection - was at age 12. I hid the postcard under my bed for years.

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