Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CAW! CAW! Chapter a Week

Dark Pursuit:
the latest thriller from bestselling Seatbelt Suspense® author Brandilyn Collins

Novelist Darell Brooke was once the King of Suspense-until an auto accident left him unable to concentrate. When his granddaughter, Kaitlan, stumbles onto the path of a real-life killer, muddle-minded Darell must create the plot of his life to save her.

"Moves from fast to furious." --TitleTrakk

JOHN 3:16
Nancy Moser

Five people looking for a reason to keep living are about to find it in the last place they expected. After the loss of his wife, Roman Paulson's life revolves around his son Billy. As a football hero at the University of Nebraska, Billy has a promising life ahead of him. As Billy's coach begins encroaching on Roman's relationship with his son--especially when he brings God into Billy's life--Roman starts to fear he'll lose Billy forever. Nothing could prepare Roman for what is about to happen. Roman isn't the only one whose life has been turned upside down. He's one of five people whose lives are about to intersect on a bright, fall day, when one of them will hold up a sign at a football game with a short message: John 3:16. This simple act of faith will have the power to change lives forever.

"Nancy Moser has a knack for crafting the most complex novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She takes her pen in hand like a weaver, taking the tangled strands of multiple lives and weaving them into a gorgeous tapestry of lives changed, lives encountered, and the ever present message of faith. "John 3:16" is her most gorgeous masterpiece."

"I just finished this book in two days and it is the best Christian fiction I have read. I
loved the fact that the characters were flawed and that there were complexities to each one. The plot was completely plausible and compelling." A reader from Nebraska

Nancy Moser is the author of nineteen novels including Solemnly Swear, Just Jane, Washington's Lady, Christy Award winner Time Lottery, and the Sister Circle series. She gives Said So Sister Seminars around the country. To see more about Nancy Moser's books go to and Purchase the books at , , or at a fine bookstore near you.

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