Friday, March 13, 2009

City of the Dead: A Seven Wonders Novel
by T.L. Higley

In a land deceived by secrets and lies,
One man battles for truth
Will his own dark past destroy his future?

In the blistering desert sands, tens of thousands toil to raise the Great Pyramid of Giza. Hemiunu, the pyramid's meticulous architect, is consumed by the massive project and his allegiance to his cousin Khufu, Pharaoh of Egypt. But when a sadistic killer known as Anubis begins preying upon Hemi's closest friends, a dark secret tangled in love and mystery threatens to stir up a past Hemi cannot forget and uncover a secret he can no longer deny - a secret that may well destroy an entire kingdom.

”Other-worldly, enchanting, and skillfully wrought—a story of murder and secrets that will not lie buried forever. With splendid detail, compelling characters and tense mystery throughout, City of the Dead is a story of the questions that have plagued man’s conscience for millennia—and the one answer that remains consistent since the beginning of time.” ~Tosca Lee, author of Havah

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Turning the Paige (A Getaway Girls Novel)
By Laura Jensen Walker

Welcome to the in-between world of Paige Kelley. At thirty-five, she’s put her dreams on hold to care for her ailing, high-maintenance mother. Three years after her divorce she’s still not dating, still working at her temp job, and still longing for motherhood even though, as her own mother often points out, “You’re not getting any younger, you know!”

When her Getaway Girls book club friends urge Paige to break free and get on with her life, she desperately wants to try. But how? What about her mom?

Turning the Paige is published by Zondervan (2009) and is available at fine bookstores everywhere and on-line at or

Author Laura Jensen Walker lives in Northern California with her husband Michael and their adorable canine-daughter Gracie. To find more about other books by Laura, please visit


Lizana Trestant said...

City of the Dead: ooooh... creepy. LOL! Great job

Lizana Trestant said...

Canine-daughter? Great description! You know, Susie, the former editor of Brio, has a canine-son, I think... or it might be canine-daughter. I don't know. LOL!