Monday, March 02, 2009

On a Someday


Roxanne Henke

Jim Westin is tired. Over most-of-a-lifetime he’s built his grocery business, hoping someday to hand it over to one of his kids. The only trouble is none of his kids want the business.

Jim’s wife, Claire, thought she was ready to retire along with her husband, but an unexpected career development has exciting new opportunities coming her way. Their son, Drew, is climbing-the-ladder in New York. No way would he consider moving back to North Dakota to help his dad. . .or would he?

What happens when plans conflict? When “someday” is different than you planned? What happens when “someday” is now?

“On a Someday” is published by Harvest House Publishers (2009) and is available at fine bookstores everywhere and on-line at or

Author, Roxanne Henke, lives in rural North Dakota with her husband, Lorren, and their annoyingly-friendly dog named, Gunner. They have two, young-adult children who are also friendly…but not annoying, and two very-cool sons-in-law! You can find out about other books by Roxanne Henke at

A Family for Luke


Carolyne Aarsen

Introduction – Our son and daughter have a lab. He’s a great dog, but full of energy and goofiness. One day, while I was watching him trying to drag a seven foot tree branch past a three-foot wide railing, I wondered what would happen if this gamboling creature would be plunged into the life of a control-freak woman. And what the repercussions would be for his owner. From that came: A Family for Luke

Wanted: Family (Must Love Dogs)

Luke Harris grew up without family. Now, it’s all he wants. He and his friendly dog move next door to widowed mom Janie Corbett. For the first time, he can imagine hearing the pitter patter of little feet in his own home. Listening to their bedtime prayers. Having a wife and children to call his own. But once-burned/twice-shy Janie won’t say yes – unless Luke acknowledges his troubled past. With the help of one stubborn woman, three smart kids, and a cherished Labrador retriever, there might be a family for Luke after all.

You can find out more about Carolyne Aarsen and her books at:

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