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Cowgirl at Heart
By Christine Lynxwiler

"This completely compelling and suspenseful novel will leave you wanting more. . .Fans will not be disappointed and new readers will want to read everything she's ever written."

~ Romantic Times, 4 ½ stars, Top Pick

Christine Lynxwiler lives with her husband, Kevin, and their two teenage daughters in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas. Her recent releases include Arkansas, Forever Christmas, Promise Me Always, Along Came a Cowboy, and Alibis in Arkansas, a mystery series in one volume co-written with two of her sisters. Christine is working on a new six book family series. The first two books in the McCord Sisters series, The Reluctant Cowgirl (April, 2009) and Cowgirl at Heart (February, 2010) received 4 ½ star reviews and were chosen as Top Picks by Romantic Times magazine. You're invited to visit her website at or join her reader group – Christine Lynxwiler Readers at

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Hero, Second Class
By Mitchell Bonds

Book 1 in The Hero Complex.

The humor in Bonds' writing had me laughing out loud. He manages to poke fun at every convention of adventure writing. Between monologuing villains, narrating heroes, Capital Letters and Arbitrary Numbers, he tells a story of a young man who is coming to grips with a world that is a lot more complicated than he had thought.… Hero, Second Class is a first-class book, and I will be waiting eagerly for the next installment of mayhem.

Armchair Interviews

Back Cover Copy

Have at You! Cyrus Solburg is a young man who dreams of becoming a Hero in a fantasy world in which Heroes owe monthly dues and Villains are allowed only one eclipse per fiscal quarter. A bona fide Arch-Villain is on the loose. And this Villain is particularly interested in young Cyrus, not least because of how Cyrus seems to have magic coming to him in spite of himself, resulting in tremendous disruption of the magical planes. Entering into the fray come a wise-cracking Dragon, a petulant gargoyle, the Heroes' Guild, the Army of DarknessTM, and a horde of cursed invisible Centaurs. Cyrus will have to call on his friends, a beautiful young cat girl, and all the power of the Capital Letters and Arbitrary Numbers if he is to live to become a full-fledged Hero.

With an incredible cover and brilliant writing from start to finish, Hero, Second Class is a Marcher Lord Press success story. It has sold very well for MLP, despite its 600 pages, and was a finalist in the ACFW Book of the Year Awards for Best First Novel.

Jeff Gerke is publisher at Marcher Lord Press, the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction. Find Hero, Second Class and all the rest of the MLP novels at All Marcher Lord Press novels can also be purchased through Amazon and are available in print, of course, and in several e-book formats such as Kindle, Nook, and the Sony e-book reader.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sara Evans & Rachel Hauck

The Sweet By and By

by Sara Evans & Rachel Hauck

Jade Fitzgerald left the pain of her past in the dust when she headed out for college a decade ago. Now she's thriving in her career and glowing in the light of Max Benson's love.

But then Jade's hippie mother, Beryl Hill, arrives in Whisper Hollow, Tennessee, for Jade's wedding along with Willow, her wild younger sister. Their arrival forces Jade to throw open the dark closets of her past--the insecurity of living with a restless, wandering mother, the silence of her absent father, and the heart-ripping pain of first-love's rejection.

Turns out Beryl has a secret of her own. She needs reconciliation with her oldest daughter before illness takes her life. In the final days leading to the wedding, Jade meets the One who shows her that the past has no hold on her future. With a little grace, they'll meet in the middle, maybe even before that sweet by and by.


"...heartwarming collaborative debut." - Publishers Weekly

"This Southern mother-daughter story is refreshingly well written and will easily engross readers of women's fiction." - Library Journal

Multi-platinum recording artist Sara Evans has garnered such honors as ACM's Female Vocalist of the Year, CMA's Video of the Year, named one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People," and she was the first country star to compete in ABC's Dancing with the Stars. This is her first novel. Sara has said that the redemptive message always attracts her to a given story. It's the story she's cares about most in the songs she records and sings; it's the story of her life; it's the story she looks for in the faces of those she meets.
"I've been a Believer since I was 21. My faith has been everything to me in my life since then. In my marriage, my motherhood, my career, and just dealing with everyday life, God is my constant companion and friend. I find myself praying constantly prayers of gratitude and guidance. As a mom and a career woman, my life is filled daily with choices and decisions to make that will affect lots of people. So I rely on God to guide me!"

Best selling, award winning author Rachel Hauck is known for well-written stories that paint real-life characters facing real-life challenges. She writes with depth and humor. As an author, worship and prayer leader, it's Rachel's heart to spread the love and fragrance of God to those she meets. In person or on the page. His plans for each individual are vast and good. "I have one goal in life. To seek His face. Everything has come together for me because of seeking Him. Even in my weakness, He is strong. I'd like others to know the same success."

Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband, a teacher and pastor, and their ornery pets.

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Q: How did this collaboration come about?
RH: Really? God. Thomas Nelson approached Sara about a fiction project, then approached me about writing with/for her. My career was in a place of make-it or break-it, and I'd just prayed one of my "surrender prayers" to the Lord and was ready to go anywhere, do anything. Not having children, I am pretty much 100% available to pick up and go whenever and wherever. Knowing the Lord would take my husband and current writing and worship commitments into account, I was ready to go! It was very freeing to say, "God, I have nothing. What do you want to do? I'm 100% available. You're so good, whatever it is You want for me, I'll love it."

I've loved this journey writing with Sara. I struggled in some of my weaknesses from time to time, but this was one of the easiest books I've ever written even though I'd never written women's fiction. Never written flashbacks. Never written a continuing character series.

Q: What was Sara's part of the process?
RH: She cast the vision. We sat down and talked about what she wanted in the book, what kind of story she wanted to tell, and hashed out an overview. I went home and added the details and did the writing. If I was unsure about something, I'd email her and ask for her input. For example, we ended up dealing with a controversial social issue in this book and I wanted to know she was ready to assign her name to it.

Q. What do you want readers to take away from this story?
RH: God is good. There is always hope and redemption. While our past can impact our present, we don't have to carry the burden of pain and sin into the future. God truly does work all things together for our good.

Q. What's next for you and Sara?
RH: The second book, Softly and Tenderly, is written and releases January 2011. We are collaborating on two more books to be released January 2012 and 2013. They will be a continuation of the series. Book two is really exciting. Hit's the ground running.

Q. As an author, how did this book impact you and your work?
RH: I learned a lot about myself. Going back to the original prayer of surrender, I had to see that when God brought something to me to do it might not center around me! Maybe He wanted me to use my gifts and talents for others. At the same time, what amazing grace and peace He gave me.

My writing had to take on a different flavor and tone. I learned to write about two women instead of a romance with a hero and heroine. I had to develop back story that worked on stage instead of through dialog. This project forced me to work on a much deeper emotional level. I was exhausted when it was done. But I loved the process.

Q. Who is your favorite character?
RH: Well, Jade, the protagonist, of course. But her sister Willow really captured me. We had to back her up a bit or she'd steal the show! I also really had an affection for the character Dustin.

Q. What's next for you? Any solo projects.
RH: Yes! I have a late 2010 release from Thomas Nelson, Dining With Joy, about a cooking show host who can't cook.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Case for Love
by Kaye Dacus

Falling in love with your lawyer isn’t all bad. . .unless he’s the son of the people you’re suing.

Welcome back to Bonneterre, Louisiana, for the delightful conclusion of the Brides of Bonneterre series. TV society reporter Alaine Delacroix feels like David facing Goliath when she takes on the biggest corporation in town to keep them from putting her parents’ garden center out of business. Lawyer Forbes Guidry wants nothing more than to stand up for the endangered local-business owners—but it will mean risking his job and crossing his powerful parents. Can Alaine and Forbes make A Case for Love?

Kaye Dacus holds a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, is a former Vice President and long-time member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and currently serves as president of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. A Louisiana native, she now calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. To learn more about Kaye and her books, visit her online at
Groom In Training

by Gail Gaymer Martin
Second book in the Man's Best Friend Series from Steeple Hill Love Inspired

Friends, Four-legged Friends and Love.

A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright, finds comfort in her faith and her adorable Border Collie, Fred. When Fred becomes enamored with the neighbor's pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets Nick. With a broken engagement and a busy job, Nick isn't open to love and romance. But when Nick steps in to defend Steph, long talks ensue during dog walking, and both begin to learn that God has plans for each of them, especially Steph who sees some unexpected "groom-in-training" going on.

Endorsements from readers:
Had a hard time putting this book down. I highly recommend Groom In Training, and look forward to reading more from Gail Gaymer Martin.
Rikki Lee Howland, Reader

A delightful story of two hearts discovering where they belong.
Jo Huddleston, Reader

You can find this book and the first book in the series, Dad In Training, at, and wherever books are sold.

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Mainely Mysteries
By Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis

This is a three-in-one anthology of cozy mysteries written by a mother and daughter team. The first two books were previously published as single titles, but the third book in the volume, Impostors at Blue Heron Lake, has never before been in print. Enjoy an excerpt from this quirky, fun mystery set in Northern Maine. Each of the three tales features reporter Emily Gray and Nate Holman, who owns the town's marina but later becomes a sheriff's deputy, solving murders in their tiny town on the shore of fictional Blue Heron Lake. And now, a morsel from Impostors at Blue Heron Lake:

Author Bios:
Susan Page Davis is a Maine native and still lives there with her husband Jim and two younger children. Susan is the author of 25 novels in the mystery, suspense, historical romance, and fantasy genres. Jim recently retired from his job as a news editor and now does freelance editing. They are the parents of six children (all home schooled) and six grandchildren (all adorable). Be sure to visit Susan's Web site at: She holds a monthly drawing where the winners get to choose their free books. Megan now lives in England as Mrs. John-Mark Cullen. She happily writes and makes handcrafted animals there.

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Soaring Eagle
by Stephanie Grace Whitson

When LisBeth King's world is shattered by violence and death, her heart finds little comfort in the Christian faith she was raised in. As part of a military family, Jim Callaway's dream of service becomes a nightmare when he is forced to take part in a massacre. And then there is Soaring Eagle, the angry Sioux warrior whose way of life is being destroyed. An ECPA best seller, Soaring Eagle unites the stories of these three very different people as they try to find their way to "the peace that passes all understanding.

Originally published by Thomas Nelson Publishers,
now back in print as An Authors Guild Edition
Published by iUniverse, Inc.

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or online through,,

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Let Darkness Come

Angela Hunt

Hunt (The Face) whips out a shut-the-cellphone-off, cancel-all-appointments legal thriller whose surprise plot twist caroms out of nowhere. When Erin Tomassi is arrested for the murder of her husband, prominent Illinois state senator Jeffrey Tomassi, his powerful father arranges for Erin to be represented by inexperienced attorney Briley Lester. The defense seems hopeless: abused wife, her fingerprints on the murder weapon, no intruders. Even the opening description of the murder leaves the reader convinced of Erin's guilt. But once Hunt's sophistication with plot and character development kicks in, there is no escaping the notion that Erin is indeed innocent and Briley just might get her acquitted with a shocking and elegant final move. Readers will find the story gripping and compelling from start to finish. -Publishers Weekly

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© 2009, Angela E. Hunt Do not reproduce without permission

Slow Burn
By Mary Demuth

"A brave story, written in heart-wrenching, gorgeous prose." Tosca Lee, author of Havah

"Beautifully and sensitively written, her characters realistic and well-developed. Mary DeMuth has a true gift for showing how God's light can penetrate even the darkest of situations." - Chuck Colson

She touched Daisy's shoulder. So cold. So hard. So unlike Daisy. Yet so much like herself it made Emory shudder. Burying her grief, Emory Chance is determined to find her daughter Daisy's murderer-a man she saw in a flicker of a vision. But when the investigation hits every dead end, her despair escalates. As questions surrounding Daisy's death continue to mount, Emory's safety is shattered by the pursuit of a stranger, and she can't shake the sickening fear that her own choices contributed to Daisy's disappearance. Will she ever experience the peace her heart longs for? The second book in the Defiance, Texas Trilogy, this suspenseful novel is about courageous love, the burden of regret, and bonds that never break. It is about the beauty and the pain of telling the truth. Most of all, it is about the power of forgiveness and what remains when shame no longer holds us captive.